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Home Grown: Teaching: Heather’s Singing, Ty’s Comedy, Lisa’s Righteousness

Today on Home Grown our co-hosts Leslie M. Scott-Jones and David Vaughn Straughn welcome three great guests. First, vocal instructor Heather Hightower, head of The Center for Vocal Study visits us for the first time to talk about her upcoming free vocal lesson as part of The Downtown Business Association of Charlottesville’s Arts in the Park in Emancipation Park. Next, our man Ty Cooperreturns with the lowdown on his Comedy Writing Workshopat PVCC. What do you learn when Ty teaches you about comedy? Finally, we’re pleased to have L.A. artist Lisa Beane come to us after Saturday night’s opening of her new exhibit at the Jefferson School African American Heritage Center, Karma, that features paintings that fuse bright colors, humor, and images of our childhood with lynching stamps. It’s three different artists talking about three different ways that art can move and center you here on Home Grown: Your Show about Local Art.

LISA: My attempt on Facebook today! Thank you Rick, M.C., and the lovely Nancy for a great show. Seriously, the funniest group of people I’ve hung with in quite a while! Look forward to coming back! XO, Lisa Beane

My FB post today: Great interview on 15. October, Sunday Morning Wake-Up Call: WPVC, 94.7: Rick, M.C., and the lovely Nancy are awesome! It was exciting, real, and wonderful to get the truth out there with the help from people who understand the importance of the pieces, their messages, and support of the exhibition. Big love and gratitude to you all!

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